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A Crisis Management, Damage Control, Media Management, Crisis Communications, Strategic Public Image Positioning Company, Public Relations

Our Mission

We perform all of the above services for individual persons and corporations who find themselves in the crisis position of, either the potential of being unwillingly thrust into the public eye, or who are already in the eye of a media frenzy storm.  We also perform advance strategy and preparation to companies who desire to be prepared for possible intrusive government investigations due to the present day consumer climate, as well as, preparing your company for possible unwanted media intrusions.  In our experience, we feel that all companies are at risk due to the consumer and media climate.

Individuals who find themselves in these situations are rarely objective, due to the fact that they are usually traumatized, in shock and feel helpless in their circumstances.  They need the services of savvy and focused professionals who have vast experience in this arena to direct, advise, battle, manage and take control of the crisis. 

Corporations who are in jeopardy of being accused by the media or the government of wrong doing, or who are in the middle of a media storm or government investigation, need outside objective and professional advice in order to strategy the best way to communicate in order to preserve the integrity of the company brand name, stock value and company image.  

Corporations and individuals can be quickly destroyed with or without Crisis Management. There are never any guarantees in these types of situations. However, the odds of survival are much better when you have seasoned professionals on your side who know the animal to be reckoned with inside and out.  Crisis Management, Inc. knows what you are dealing with and the best techniques to change the flow of the raging tide.

Company Profile

It was 1987.  The show was 20/20.  This was the show that, up until this point, drew the highest ratings in the telecast's history.  Barbara Walters said to Hugh Downs, "And Donna has hired herself a young woman named Tricia Erickson who calls herself a Crisis Manager.  I like the term, Crisis Management.  Some times I think I could use a Crisis Manager myself."

Tricia Erickson was the first Crisis Manager, Media Management and Damage Control expert in the United States. Tricia Erickson is the founder and President of the company.  Tricia also has vast experience in the entertainment industry.

A small sampling of some of the Crisis cases handled through Crisis Management, Inc. are:

Fawn Hall - Iran Contra

Donna Rice - Gary Hart Presidential candidacy

Advisor to lead attorney of Richard Jewel, Atlanta Bombing

Contact Information

Georgia Probate Law Group
331 North Marietta Parkway NE, Marietta, GA 30060, USA

Please contact us via email.  We promise to keep your information completely confidential.  If you are in need of our services, please write to us via the email address below and tell us your situation. Please leave us your contact information.  We will evaluate your confidential information and contact you as soon as possible in order to let you know if we can help you and how to proceed.

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